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The Security Challenge

In tough econimic times, businesses face high rates of vandalism, theft, and intimidation that increase operating and insurance costs. They need cost-effective ways to protect their properties, goods, and customers.

Silvertip Security Ltd. was established to provide a reliable service that protects property, companies, and individuals in British Columbia from criminal activity and civil actions.

The Company's Services

Silvertip Security provides a variety of services to suit different circumstances and needs:

  • Private Investigations, general and specialized
  • VIP Protection
  • Visible high-profile uniformed personnel
  • Low-profile non-uniformed watch security
  • Detection services to observe, apprehend turn over to police authority
  • Analysis and investigation of inventory flow from receiving to sales
  • Security checks of facilities, routines and operations and advice on how to make improvements that will help prevent crime
  • Guidance on questions that arise when criminal activity is suspected and referral to appropriate agencies or authorities
  • Preservation and presentation of evidence to police authorities
  • Court attendance when required
  • Process serving